Whether it is water, waste water, industrial effluent, electricity or gas, with RealSens™  you can now measure and manage to create a sustainable environment without losing focus of your core business.

Hydrometrix provides metering products and services to the water and energy sector to track the progress towards becoming more sustainable and help quantify whether or not your actions are truly contributing towards a sustainable environment. Measurements tell the story about what you've accomplished and where you are heading. RealSens™ , our Automated Metering Solution, keeps writing the story...

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Latest News

RealSens to go live on Cape Town's DIMS (Data Integration Management System)

The City of Cape Town awarded a tender for a RF mesh network automated meter reading system to Hydrometrix Technologies and Cape Digital Solutions JV during January 2008.

The project covers an affluent residential suburb with about 650 water connections, a low income, high density, multi-storey complex with 720 meters and a heavy industrial township with about 550 water connections of varying size.

The project scope included the auditing and exchanging of meters found to be defective or not compatible with any other AMR system. Since completion within the budget and time constraints the meter readings derived from our system have been integrated with the SAP billing system.

The City of Cape Town further recognised the true value of the short interval metering data and launched an initiative to integrate RealSens data with their DIMS system, a uniform City wide platform supplying access to data from many 3rd party systems. Besides more reliable billing data, the city's personnel now have access to leak reports and instant water balance reports proving the versatility of the RealSens system.

Similar systems were deployed at a local Transwerk facility, at two other municipalities for bulk metering and industrial effluent monitoring, at shopping malls country wide for tenant water and energy metering and billing, and in commercial buildings as part of a Green Building Council approved BMS of which the Nedbank building in Umhlanga was a first for Hydrometrix.

Designed and built locally, this system offers superior data collection and transmission ability over similar systems. Its secure two-way communication with the option to control third party equipment like water and energy management devices, live read and leak detection functions make RealSensTM a true versatile water demand and billing tool within any utility.

Our local knowledge and support further add to the benefits enjoyed by the users of this system and client specific requests are met within short timeframes. Time of use consumption reports with 15 minute reading intervals is now available for electricity metering as a result of such a request.

Hydrometrix provides a complete turnkey solution - from system component design, manufacturing to meter audits, meter supply and installation, RealSens™ installation, field asset mapping and software integration with existing billing and other systems like DIMS.

Hydrometrix also offers a complete in-house billing service tailored for sub-metering of water, electricity, gas and sewer discharge - all based on RealSens.